The RS to have more than 100 kilometers of Motorway by the end of 2017?

5cAs announced by the PE Highways of the RS, they will add more than a hundred kilometers of new highways in the RS on their list of roads by the end of the year.

This company is actively constructing in the last 10 years, but the construction was significantly intensified in the last 5 years, and it is giving great results. They already have planned participation in local and international tenders.

The network of highways in the RS currently includes more than 70 kilometers. These are the sections of the highway January 9, Banja Luka – Doboj, and E 661 Gradiska – Banja Luka, the section that has been in operation since 2011.

Besides this project, there is also a continuation of the construction of Corridor 5C, which goes from Doboj to Vukosavlje in the territory of the RS. The Government of the RS recently gave approval for a loan of 70 million EUR for this section.

“Our company is implementing a number of activities on the realization of infrastructure projects, and the most important for us are sections from Banja Luka to Prnjavor and construction of the first phase of Corridor 5C from the loop Johovac -Tovir to loop Rudanka – Kostajnica, and its distance is 6 kilometers. Putting in the operation of the rest of the highway “January 9″ is planned as well. This also includes the construction of other supporting facilities such as overpasses, viaducts, and similar,” said Dusan Topic, Director of PE Highways of the RS.

“I believe that we have enough experience for our local companies to be able to independently participate in tenders or to join together but only with local companies, and thus, the presence of major foreign companies is not necessary. Before us is the period where we should give more chances to cooperation with local companies and realization of common interests,” said director Topic.

According to the financial indicators for the year of 2016, the company achieved revenue in the amount of 54,539,138.00 BAM that is stable from year to year and enables the realization of planned projects. There is the money of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) for some bigger projects and their implementation as well.


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