RS declares ‘Sana Spring’ a Natural Monument

The Government of the Republika Srpska passed the Decision on declaring “Vrela Sana” a natural monument, for the protection of which the Center for the Environment launched an initiative at the end of January 2019.

“We have been waiting for such a decision for a long time and we hope that new initiatives will be launched, and the number of protected areas on the territory of the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina will increase,” said Viktor Bjelic from the Center for the Environment.

He notes that the area of ​​the source of the Sana is a place that attracts nature lovers with its beauty, and the proclamation of protection opens up many opportunities for the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, which is what we are striving for all the time.

In addition to the initiative for the protection of the Sana spring, the Environmental Center also submitted an initiative for the protection of the downstream part of the Sana River.

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