RS Minister of Internal Affairs pleaded not Quilty for the Attack on Stanivukovic

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska, Dragan Lukac, pleaded not guilty today in the Basic Court in Banja Luka to any count of the indictment for the criminal offense of endangering the safety of the then MP, and today the Mayor of Banja Luka Drasko Stanivukovic.

Lukac briefly said today that he was “not guilty”. The indictment charges Lukac with threatening and hitting the then MP Stanivukovic in the hall of the National Assembly of the RS in December 2019.

Lukac is charged with the criminal offense of “endangering safety”, which is related to the criminal offense of “bodily injury”. The indictment alleges that Dragan Lukac hit the then MP Drasko Stanivukovic during a special session of the RS National Assembly held on December 23, 2019.

It is also stated that Stanivukovic gave the RS Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic flags with the NATO pact, which the Prime Minister broke and threw on the floor.

“After that, Lukac made a serious threat to Stanivukovic that he would harm him and addressed him with a threatening tone – And never do that to me again, I don’t know how to treat others… otherwise you will end up like those flags ended here today, ”the indictment alleges. It is also stated that Dragan Lukac, when Stanivukovic approached him, addressed the words “Once again, once again monkey”, and then “hit him in the face with an open fist of his right hand”, which caused him bodily injury, crushing the membrane of the lower lip.

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