RS President signed the Law on Salary increase in the RS

President of the RS, Milorad Dodik, issued decrees on the adoption of laws with which were created conditions for payment of increased salaries to employees in the RS.

The increase of salaries refers to employees in sectors of education, health, police, judiciary and other administration bodies.

Moreover, Dodik also adopted the Decree on the Appointment of a Law that reduced taxes on the use, holding and carrying of goods, and whose reduction refers to all citizens who legally possess any personal arms, members of hunting associations etc.

A formal procedure which increased personal incomes from one, and reduced tax burden for citizens of the RS on the other side, was completed with these decrees. This was enabled by the increase of public revenues and the stable financial framework of the budget of the RS.

The National Assembly of the RS adopted a law on 4 July, and its amendments resulted in an increase in salaries of all employees in the RS.

Moreover, the IMF announced that the decision on finalization of the second review of the arrangement with BiH will be prolonged due to salary increases in the RS.

(Source: klix.ba)



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