RS Senate: The economic policy is realistic and restrictive

On yesterday’s session held on the occasion of 9 January, the Day of RS, RS Senate considered the economic situation with special emphasis on the adopted measures of the economic policy.

Senators mostly agree that the measures are realistic and restrictive, but it is the only way possible.

”Not all factor of the society were included. The Academic Community was not engaged enough to make the economic policy better”, said senator Dušan Jakšić noting that the only people who could actually help the creation of a better economic plan were in fact passive.

Senate member Stevo Mirjanić confirmed that most members of the session supported the economic policy of RS as a very important part of the social and economic progress of RS.

He noted that industrial and agricultural production must be engaged, because without them there will be no growth stipulated in the economic policy.

Prime Minister of RS Aleksandar Džombić said that the economic policy represents a document that guarantees the economic, social and fiscal stability, and it predicts the overall growth of economy by 0.8%, as well as the stabilisation of extra-budgetary funds.

He noted that economic policy for this year, predicts savings in the public sector, which would be redirected to social programs for the most vulnerable population groups.

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