Ryanair to reestablish Flights from Banja Luka Airport soon?

Ryanair has resumed the sale of airline tickets for flights from Banja Luka to European cities, although it is still uncertain when their aircraft from Mahovljani will soar into the sky.

”Due to travel restrictions, which are still current, the summer schedule for flights to Banja Luka is still being considered,” they told Nezavisne novine from Ryanair when asked when they will re-establish flights from Banja Luka. According to the information available at this moment, if everything goes according to plan, it is not excluded that their flights from Banja Luka will be renewed as early as May 1.

Namely, after a long break, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, tickets can be bought for Vienna, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Memmingen and Gothenburg. For the capital of Austria, if the plan regarding the sale of tickets comes true, it could take off on June 4, and for the capital of Belgium on May 3.

According to information from the official website of Ryanair, all three flights from Banja Luka airport to German cities could be renewed in May. It would start with Memmingen, and tickets can be bought for May 1, a day later it could take off for Berlin, and the day after the German capital – for Frankfurt.

For Sweden, ie Gothenburg, the ticket can be purchased starting from the flight planned for May 3, while for Italian Milan, the date of a possible first flight is not yet known.

The Airport of Republika Srpska confirmed to Nezavisne that it is currently possible to fly from the Banja Luka airport only to the capital of Serbia.

”At the moment, Air Serbia operates flights from our airport on the flights Belgrade-Banja Luka-Belgrade on Mondays,” they told Nezavisne novine from the Airport of Republika Srpska.

When it comes to re-establishing Ryanair flights, Republika Srpska Airports has no information yet.

”We will certainly inform the public as soon as we receive nice information about flights from Ryanair,” said Sanela Kasalovic, spokesperson for Republika Srpska Airport.

The planes flying from the Banja Luka airport were landed for several months by a complex epidemiological situation caused by the coronavirus.

A similar situation was recorded at the airports in Sarajevo and Tuzla. Sarajevo Airport said earlier that they were working intensively to increase the number of flights and the return of airlines that were forced to suspend or reduce their flights to Sarajevo due to the negative consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a significant drop in demand and restrictions on entry.

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