S. Magazinović Received S. Woelkner

The Chairman of the Caucus of the Social Democratic Party of BiH (SDP) in the House of Representatives Saša Magazinović met with the Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in BiH Sabine Woelkner.

The theme of the meeting was the implementation of the “Sejdić – Finci” case. Magazinović once again said that SDP will continue to be a part of the solution and a constructive participant in this process. He said that it is very important to look for solutions where a broad consensus can be reached. In this regard, he welcomed the process managed by the EU Delegation in BiH.

Since reform of the Constitution requires the support of two-thirds of the delegates in the BiH Parliament, it is clear that this is not exclusively a question for the position or opposition, but for all parties that have delegates in the BiH Parliament and who wish to finally see BiH in the EU.

They devoted part of the meeting to the political situation in Mostar and political challenges that lie ahead for all political parties in order to solve the problem of the statute of the city of Mostar.

Magazinović said that the maximum amount of demands cannot bring a solution for Mostar, and once more said that SDP BiH calls for a constructive approach to solving this problem in a way that SDP demonstrated in its previous activities.

They spoke also about the cooperation on concrete projects in the next period.

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