Saddest Story of the former SFRY: How Josipa and Karlo loved each other

When you mention love and music, many will immediately think of the never-ending album “Dnevnik jedne ljubavi (Diary of one love)”, which was created and recorded by Josipa Lisac and Karlo Metikos in 1973 with the aim to make a permanent record about their love that started two years earlier.

And their “diary” remained a classic and an album that many are coming back to, which the new generations are just revealing. This makes it forever alive, as well as Josipa’s love, which did not end on that December 1991, when Karlo died of the consequences of a heart attack. She still, almost three decades later, dedicates every concert to him and sings for him.

Numerous generations grew up with their love and carefully followed all the creative enthusiasm that resulted from it for two decades. The older generations know that Josipa and Karlo met almost like on the old movies, their eyes looked at each other and stopped for a moment, and everything else is history.

However, what many do not know is that the singer was fascinated with Metikos years before they actually met. In an interview, he revealed that Josipa as a little girl often came under the window of an unknown person and waited for Karlo, then known in the world as “Met Kolins” to appear from somewhere, but she would always return home disappointed. It turned out that the information on where he lived was wrong.

However, Josipa and Karlo met when it was just right time for it and when they were ready to give love to each other, and songs to all of us that will never be old.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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