What will be the ultimate purpose of the new Building on Marijin Dvor?

Hotel Zagreb radiosarajevo.baAfter the investors from Croatia renovated the building of the former Hotel Zagreb, which is also a national monument of B&H, the ultimate purpose of the building at Marijin-Dvor is still not known.

“The building is certainly not the case any longer, nothing will fall on anyone’s head or collapse on the street, nor will anyone’s child get hurt in the ruins“, said Ivan Sego, on behalf of the investor Dinka Pinezić.

Sego added that a problem existed for the investor at the time when the works could not have been executed. At the same time, Sego claimed, the passersby were endangered, and the danger of collapsing also existed.

“You can imagine what a pressure that was to the owner“, said Sego.

According to him, the representatives of the investors are now negotiating with the potential partners on the ultimate purpose of the facility.

Regarding the issues about the reconstruction of one of the symbols of Sarajevo, Sego claims that everything was done by the project and the permit, which was allegedly confirmed by all competent institutions and inspections.

The largest alleged problem was definitely the one with recommendation of the Commission to Preserve the National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a reminder, in November 2014 the Commission considered the condition of the building, for which it expressed a degree of concern due to the fact that it enjoys the protection of the state as a national monument. Protected was the building as it was found in 2011, actually its version after the last intervention following the Second World War.

The then attitude of the Commission was heading in the direction of preserving each detail of the building. However, contrary to the announcements, the official decision has not been brought even nine months after the held session.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo radiosarajevo)

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