Crnadak: the Focus of the Vienna Conference will be infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans

crnadakThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent today to the Council of Ministers a draft law on the procedure for the conclusion and implementation of international agreements aimed at defining more precisely the obligations of institutions regarding concluding the contract.

This piece of legislation plans, Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak said today to journalists at a press conference in Sarajevo, that the state presidency still has a key role when it comes to concluding an international agreement, and the law is concerned with both bilateral and multilateral agreements.

“In areas of the agreement concerning the jurisdiction of the entities and the Brčko District stating the opinion of government entities and Brčko District will be required before signing any legal document,” explained Crnadak, expressing the hope that this law will be adopted in September at the Council of Ministers and will soon be on the agenda of the state parliament.

Minister Crnadak stressed that the preparations for the Vienna Conference will be held on August 27, saying that the focus at the conference will be infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans which is why it is important, says Crnadak, that Bosnia and Herzegovina prepares projects in a quality manner.

He concluded that BiH has made a good choice, since the project is committed to the road infrastructure and railways, Sarajevo airport and the Port of Brčko which will be decided in the coming days, the European Commission has already adopted the construction of the bridge near Gradiška, which is essential to connect Bosnia and Herzegovina with the European Union.

“In Vienna the definite confirmation of a European future for the Western Balkans countries is being prepared and they will confirm not only political but also financial support for all countries to carry out reforms in this area,” said Crnadak.

At the Vienna conference an agreement on establishing the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina should be signed which is the first such agreement between the two countries that were once within the former Yugoslavia.

After the Vienna Conference, Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate at the 10th Bled Strategic Forum on August 31 and September 1, which will bring together a large number of statesmen from the region and the world.

Crnadak said that significant work is ahead of them and they will have to give priority to the four basic goals of BiH which are the European path, good neighborly relations, economic diplomacy and the general improvement of the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world.

Asked whether narrow majorities in the parliaments could undermine the reforms of Agenda, Crnadak expressed the hope that everyone will do their job because the reforms would be impossible to implement if all levels of government are not particularly functional because 60 to 70 percent of the Agenda is up to the entities.

When it comes to the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina over the Council of Europe, Crnadak recalled that they successfully hold meetings at the ambassadorial level every week, adding that the a new conference is to be held in mid-August about the film and the role of women in European cinema on the sidelines of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

(Source: fena)

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