Sajam Interio: Production of furniture has future in BiH

By Nevena Šarenac

This year’s international fair of forestry, wood, furniture, interior design and other products of wood – the 31st ”Interio 2013” Fair is traditionally held in Skenderija. From 13 to 18 March all the novelties in the wood industry, current trends and achievements were presented by more than 100 exhibitors and co-exhibitors from BiH, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey, Albania, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland. Thanks to the quality, creative organisation and presentation of numerous exhibitors, this fair has become the largest fair in BiH that promotes and supports wood industry and furniture production.

Project manager of the Fair Amela Okan said to ”Sarajevo Times” that the ”INTERIO” Fair has more and more visitors each year, and added that this year’s fair had an increase of visitors for 10% in comparison to last year.

She thinks that this fair is an excellent promotion of BiH, especially because INTERIO is visited by many foreign companies.

Statements of exhibitors who praise the organisation of the festival, adding that it is a unique opportunity to present themselves in the best possible manner to buyers and a chance to make new business contracts and exchange experiences is the confirmation that the fair is very attractive and unavoidable.

Everyone agrees that the production of furniture has a bright future in BiH.

Joinery factory ”Hamidović” deals with production, adaptation and rehabilitation of Bosnian houses, courtyards, gates, fountains, and everything that follows the man of Bosnia, say manager of the company Rasim Hamidović.

They’ve been exhibiting their products at the fair for several years, and Hamidović says that they represent the unusual, and that they are interesting and that they are attracting to both domestic and foreign buyers.

This company makes business with both Germans and French and Turkey has also expressed interest for their products.

”This project is the future, it’s a blend of tradition and the proof of Bosnian identity”, says Hamidović for ”Sarajevo Times”.

He received the support of the European Bank for Development for his original products, and he hopes the Bank will support him this year also.

”When BiH becomes a part of the EU, it is necessary to keep its identity, tradition, culture, both material and non-material treasure. The construction of Bosnian house has a future, because we’re very rich in forest. Why not to use domestic material, ecologically clean and healthy for house building”, wonders Rasim Hamidović.

Manager of the company ”MetalArte” Samir Serdarević said to ”Sarajevo Times” that this company deals with export, i.e. 99% of its products is exported to Italy.

He thinks that in the last few year, BiH companies achieved a good level of quality, and noted that all products must be made in accordance with European standards.

”The production of furniture in BiH has a future. I believe in that. Our people are diligent, and ready to work. We only need to improve technology”, said Serdarević.

Company ”GEMA” whose HQ is in Zagreb, but has branches in both BiH and Serbia has for the first time presented its products at ”INTERIO 2013” fair.

”The aim is to offer a wide spectre of products to all people in former Yugoslavia. In our production we apply modern technologies in we offer European quality at lower prices” said manager of GEMA BIH Aleksandra Fazlija.

She noted the good organisation of the fair and added that it is a great opportunity to make business contacts, exchange of experiences and to socialize.

In the last decade, rich tradition of wood production in BiH has resulted in a strong and impressive development of wood processing sector in BiH. At the EU market, BiH is treated as one of the most significant exporter of wood products from the South-eastern Europe.

The worth of the noble wood from rich BiH forests is being made even nobler with investments in the original design and development of recognisable top class BiH furniture.

”INTERIO” fair has become the most important fair of furniture in BiH, and has become a regional event that gathers furniture producers and producers of wood products, as well as large number of buyers, traders, wholesalers, agents and businessmen from wood industry.

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