Sarajevo 3D Artists painted the Waterfront in Split (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Sarajevo artists from Beton fest, are currently in Split, where they painted a waterfront within the manifestation named Split 3D Street Art Festival.

Sarajevo artists, together with their assistants-students of Fine Arts from Split, painted with chalks three big paintings and few smaller on the waterfront.

Kerim Musanovic did an “Octopus“, Dzejlana Kraman, Romano Kuduzovic, Zlatko Sljivnjak and Kemal Konakovic did a “3D shark“, while Amer Sikira, Adis Zorla, Sunita Fisic and Mersiha Dzafic painted an “Underwater city“.

Split 3D Street Art Festival gathers artists who are painting 3D paintings on te sidewalks around the world. This way of painting is also known as “one point view“ because the full visual impression is obtained from a certain angle of watching. It originates from the tradition of “Madonaras“, painters of sacred paintings in Italy, so it got its name on that way.

Beton fest gathers enthusiasts and artists who are organizing a competitive type of such festival for four years. We asked them to come and join the promotion of 3D art, because we found a lack of understanding by people, which is normal, since no one was sure what is it about actually. And it is about a great possibilities of tourist and artistic promotion of Split, Dalmatia and Croatia“, said Zorica Bonaci from the agency Sonas from the festival production.

(Source: klix.ba)

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