Sarajevo against Borussia Tonight

sarajevo borussiaOn Thursday, the Football Club Sarajevo will play return match against Borussia Mönchengladbach in play offs of the European league.

The first match was played at Kosevo and it ended in victory for the German team with the result of 3: 2. FC Sarajevo will need 2 goals of difference in order to place further.

The match will be played at the stadium “Borussia Park” which has capacity of about 54 000 seats. On the match Sarajevo Borussia  there will be around 46,279 spectators.

It is expected that FC Sarajevo will have around 4,000 spectators, of which 1,200 are from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yet there are about 500 tickets for the sectors “6” and “7”available and will be available till today directly at the stadium through Tickecountera 4, which is opened from 18:00 until 20.30 o’clock. Tickets for fans of Sarajevo costs 24.5 Euros.

The match Borussia – Sarajevo will start at 20.45, and the main referee will be Vladislav Bezborodov from Russia.


(Source: Fena)

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