Sarajevo Cantonal Court terminates Custody for Humanitarian Almir Cehajic

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court (KSS) lifted the custody of Almir Cehajic Batko, suspected of abuse of office or authority and money laundering. As one of Cehajic’s defense attorneys, Omar Mehmedbasic, told Fena, the Court did not accept the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office’s proposal to extend the custody of his client for another two months and Cehajic was released from custody.

He added that the Court accepted the defense’s arguments and released his client to defend himself.

Almir Cehajic was arrested on October 20 as part of the “Network” operation, and he is suspected of abusing his position or authority and money laundering. Cehajic is charged with illegally acquiring close to 625 thousand BAM, but also with disposing of loans on behalf of the company “City – Otvorena mreza” from Sarajevo, which, according to the investigators, caused more than 50 thousand BAM in damage to the said company.

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