Sarajevo Film Festival to mark the Human Rights Day

human rightsSarajevo Film Festival will today, with a special program, mark the Human Rights Day, and SFF will host this event for the 8th year in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.

Thus, in the Meeting Point Cinema will be screened documentary film “Among The Believers”, directed by Mohammed Ali Naqvi and Hemal Trivedia, after which will be organized a panel discussion with this year’s topic: “Can we fight violent extremism through education?”.

This work brings disturbing and revealing research of expansion of radical Islamic learning of the school ‘Red Mosque’ in Pakistan that trains generations of children to dedicate their lives to jihad, or the holy war since their early childhood.

In a country with a rate of illiteracy of 43%, where a total of 17.2% of the total population live in poverty, many people still consider education as a luxury, especially in rural areas.

The panel discussion after the screening will open a number of questions on this issue, such as how can we confront violent extremism through education, whether new ideas can defeat the old ideology or how can we remove discriminatory theories from the curriculum and incorporate lessons of peace, pluralism and tolerance.

Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) is showing films inspired by various aspects of human rights through the Competition Programme – Documentary Film, and by marking this important date we seek to further draw attention to the importance of film as an important and powerful media in the promotion of human rights.

At the closing ceremony of the Sarajevo Film Festival will be awarded the Human Rights Award for a film from the Competition Programme – Documentary Film, which addresses this issues in the best way.


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