Take a look at the Preparations of our Shot Putters in Rio (VIDEO)

alic-mesic-pezerHamza Alic, Kemal Mesic and Mesud Pezer, three of our shot-putters, are the last from our team who will perform at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Qualifications are scheduled on the 18th of August at 2:55 pm our time, and BiH along with the United States and Poland, is the only country that has three representatives from the A-standard in the competition in the shot put.

It’s not clear whether Pezer will participate in the qualifiers, since he got injured last week and is still far away from being fully healed.

Thus, the youngest BiH shot putter at the Olympic Games is not training with Alic and Mesic, and how two of them are preparing, take a look at the VIDEO from Rio.


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