Sarajevo Firefighters help Extinguishing the Fire in Konjic

Sarajevo firefighters, fire trucks and equipment were sent to help put out fires in the Konjic municipality.

At today's emergency session, the Government of Sarajevo Canton gave its consent to the Cantonal Civil Protection Administration of Sarajevo Canton to engage 15 firefighters and three fire trucks with accompanying equipment, in order to provide firefighting assistance in the municipality of Konjic, in the Zvekusa area. 

The Federal Civil Protection Administration forwarded to the Government of Sarajevo Canton and the Cantonal Civil Protection Administration a request from the Municipality of Konjic asking for help, because they are not able to control the forest fire in the wider area of ​​Zvekusa with their available forces and resources.

In the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, fires are active in the area of ​​Konjic, Jablanica and Stolac. Members of the professional fire brigade Konjic, firefighters of the company Forestry-Prenj and locals were engaged in extinguishing the fire on Zvekusa.

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