Sarajevo in the Holiday Spirit: The City Streets are shining

In Sarajevo, festive lights will be lit on Monday evening, and the Christmas tree will be set near Cathedral. The city is in holiday spirit, and the streets from Carsija to Ilidza are shining. The decoration was made by workers of the Cantonal Public Utility Company (CPUC) ‘Park’ during the previous days, and unfortunately, it is the same as we had seen in previous years, because this company does not have enough funds to buy new ones.

As the spokesperson of CPUC ‘Park’ Aldijana Hamza said, decorating the city streets and squares, regardless of the capital city, is financed only from the Sarajevo Canton Budget and this year, it is in the amount of 80,000 BAM.

“These are the means that stand out as part of the overall annual decoration, which includes the marking of all international, state and religious holidays, as well as the marking of important dates for Canton Sarajevo (CS), festivals and various events, and is carried out and implemented by the company ‘Park’, with elements which are almost completely producted in the Park workshop.

Unfortunately, the decoration does not differ much in comparison with the one used in the previous years, although we in the company ‘Park’, in accordance with the available financial means, repair all these decorative elements during the summer months in our workshop, we change the bad light cables, and according to the similar method, we are making new ones and reconstructing existing ones, “ said Hamza.

The decorative elements were first placed on the cables located between the buildings on the left and right side in the Marshal Tito Street from the Eternal Flame to the BBI Center and in Ferhadija, and after that the installation of decorative elements to the public lighting poles continued at all major crossroads from Ilidza in the direction of the city and vice versa.



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