Sarajevo Legend Ramiz Dedic will get a New Apartment

The initiative of Haris Zahiragic, the SDA representative in the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Assembly, in which he requests that the apartment be given to a homeless person for use, was adopted.

As Zahiragic noted in his initiative, Ramiz Dedic has the status of a particular city legend and he should be given an apartment in the city center so that he can stay in touch with the citizens.

“Dedic has been homeless for a long time, and during that period, he has in a way become a legend of Sarajevo. It is necessary to provide him with a smaller apartment that meets all needed requirements, for use in the central city area, so that he can stay in direct contact with many citizens who help him,” Zahiragic said in the initiative.

To recall, Dedic, who together with his dog Tina became a recognizable face of this city, appeared in the public spotlight a few days ago when the news of his death was published on some portals. When this information was checked, it turned out to be false.

Ramiz Dedic was found alive and well in his improvised accommodation in one of the garages in Sarajevo, during which it was obvious that he lives in difficult conditions, Klix.ba writes.


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