SDP: We demand the Apology of the Croatian Government for the diplomatic Scandal of Minister Grlic Radman

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has demanded the apology of the President and Prime Minister of Croatia to the citizens of BiH for statements that were said on Saturday by the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Gordan Grlic Radman.

“Due to the latest outburst and diplomatic incident directed by the highest officials of the Government of the neighboring Republic of Croatia, SDP BiH calls on the Prime Minister and President of this country to apologize to the citizens of BiH. The visit of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Gordan Grlic Radman, was full of diplomatic scandals and actions that were not appropriate for statesmen who allegedly promote interstate understanding and good neighborly relations, ” the SDP said.

Statements on the internal structure of BiH, with assessments of what the Republic of Croatia can or “cannot allow” in BiH, is a direct interference in the internal affairs of our state.

“Radman Grlic’s statements are a reminder of Croatia’s ongoing aggressive policy and the persistence of the country’s authorities in undermining the sovereignty of BiH,” they pointed out.

The SDP stresses that in BiH, all citizens must achieve full equality, including Bosnian Croats, at every inch of their homeland.

“As a state that provides shelter to convicts and suspects for the worst crimes committed in BiH, and treats them as honorary citizens, the Republic of Croatia cannot give assessments of equality. Croatia cannot teach lessons about morality, ethics, and human rights. In particular, our neighbors have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of our state. We are thinking in particular of the international court ruling, a certain qualification of the previous actions of this state in BiH, a ruling that also concerns the suffering of the city where this scandalous visit took place,” it was announced.

It is especially shameful, according to the SDP, that Grlic Radman gave the message about the endangerment, equality, and the need to protect the legal order from the location of the illegally built monument, the so-called Bleiburg victims, symbols of unconstitutional action.

“We remind Radman Grlic that the construction of the monument, which was the central location of his visit, directly damaged and endangered the BiH National Monument of Zero Category and the UNESCO-protected monument, the necropolis of Radimlje stecak (tombstone). Building an illegal monument for, the so-called Bleiburg victims at the BiH national monument, directly violates annex 8 of the Dayton Agreement, for which Grlic Radman so ‘ardently’ fights from this location to be implemented. ”

Finally, the SDP called on Minister Grlic Radman and the Government of the Republic of Croatia to address the rise of neo-fascism in public space in Croatia and the growing concern for the rights of minority groups in that country.

”These are minority groups whose number is being reduced in Croatia, while Croatia is allegedly committed to equality in BiH. With all the obvious problems we have in BiH, we least need alleged concerned politicians who add “fuel to the fire” by consciously introducing additional dissension and turbulence among our citizens. As much as people like Grlic Radman wish it not to be so, BiH is and will remain a sovereign, complete, anti-fascist, European state of all its citizens and peoples, ” it was concluded, Klix.ba writes.


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