Sarajevo Metal Fest 2013: ”Silent Kingdom” will also perform at the festival

Sarajevo Metal Fest 2013  will be held on the 12th of April this year, and the organizers already revealed four bands that will perform at this years’ Metal Fest. The organizers revealed also that popular Sarajevo band ”Silent Kingdom” will also perform at this festival. This will be their only performance in the capital city of our country.

This band was formed in 1999, and they released two demo albums and one EP album. In 2004 they released their album ”Bloodless” for Walk Records. Until today, the band released three more albums, and their latest is ”Path to Oblivion”.

Other bands that will perform at the Sarajevo Metal Fest 2013 are ” Give em Blood”, ”The Loudest Silence”, ”Perishment” and ”Forensic Clinic”.


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