Sarajevo richer by another Hotel: Hotel Krone! (gallery)

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In the presence of a large number of invitees from business, public and cultural life, the Hotel Krone (Crown), another jewel in the tourist offer of the BiH capital, was opened two nights ago in Sarajevo.

The hotel is located in the most beautiful part of Sarajevo, the place under the sun that used to heal with its miraculous springs after which the area was named Ilidža – translated from Turkish, it means the cure or what gives health to a man.

Hotel Krone, the renovated building constructed in the beginning of the last century, in 1907, is located at the very entrance to the Alley of the Chestnuts.

The hotel is furnished with elegant furniture of classical and modern design, at the same time. The unobtrusive elegance as the mix of the old and the new perfectly fits the story of the timeless beauty of the environment. Walls of the hotel are decorated with old postcards of Ilidža and Sarajevo in which the stories of a forgotten time and its people are embedded.

The hotel Krone belongs to the cultural heritage of the country. It disposes with 26 accommodation units, of which 12 are elegance rooms, six are luxury rooms, three are suits and five are apartments.

The hotel is in the vicinity of the thermal springs, the largest amusement park on water, as well as the world-famous Tunnel of Hope, which has been dug under the airport runway during the aggression on BiH.

The center of Sarajevo is only 15 minutes of drive away, Olympic mountains Igman and Bjelašnica are 20 minutes away, while it takes only five minutes for guests to reach the hotel from the airport.


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