Sarajevo to get another Cable Car worth Ten Million Euros


A presentation of a feasibility study on the construction of a cable car linking Betanija and Nahorevska hills with the City Park was held at the premises of Centar Municipality. In addition to Mayor Nedzad Ajnadzic, advisers and representatives of the relevant municipal services, the presentation was also attended by representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Development Planning Institute led by Director Hamdija Efendic and representative of “Leitner for the Balkans” Frank Furlani, a company specialized in cable car construction, news portal reports.

As stated in the presented project, authors Enes Covrk and Dejan Gavric, from the “IPSA Institute” stated that in this particular case up to 40 cabins with a capacity of ten passengers per cabin can be installed on the cable car route up to 2.5 kilometers long with up to 1,400 passengers during one hour.

The newly installed cable car would have a lifetime of up to 40 years and the value of this investment, counting only the installation of equipment and facilities, without resolving property relations and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, amounts to about 20 million BAM.

“After hearing all the suggestions and suggestions, I have to say that this will be one of the projects in the top priority for the Municipality of Centar. We are aware that resolving property and legal relations requires the most resources and time, so we will simplify the procedure to take the new cable car route out of town,” Ajnadzic explained.



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