Saudi Arabia will donate 17 million EUR for the construction of University libarary in Sarajevo

Representatives of KSA Development Fund, as a part of their visit to BiH, visited the Rectorate of the University in Sarajevo on 14 December.

On that meeting they talked about the construction project of the University library of University in Sarajevo, which will be realized with financial aid of KSA which gave 82.5 SAR or 17 million EUR, said ”Oslobođenje”.

Rector of UNSA Muharem Avdispahić said to ”Oslobođenje” that they still have to sign a memorandum with the representatives of Saudi Minister of Education and members of BiH Council of Ministers.

”Those procedures will last at least for five months, and by that time we should make the necessary measures to publish a tender for main contractor. Only after the signing of Memorandum in BiH Council of Minister Saudi money become will be available for the construction of the library”, said Avdispahić.

The object of the University library is planned within the master plan of UNSA Campus.

UNSA expects 7.95 million BAM from the rent that US Embassy gave to BiH council of Ministers.

”We expect that that money will be unblocked in order to for us to use it to build project documentation of object for the Faculty of Economy. We have projects and urban permits for Faculty of Agriculture and Music Academy, but we still need to get permits of the object of library. Saudis will finance the equipment and construction of library, but we need to publish tender, pay VAT, make the necessary ground preparations”, noted Avdispahić .

The construction of the first buildings within campus will meet the obligations arising from the restitution by representatives of the Catholic and Serbian Orthodox Church in BiH.

Therefore, Avdispahic believes that the members of the Council of Ministers will find the way to return the assets to two churches.

Preliminary and final design of the main project of campus infrastructure is in drafting.

“I’m talking about the object that Music Academy uses and the old part of the building used by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo. Campus master plan of UNSA has envisaged that the building of the Academy of Music and Performance Arts building are the first to be built, and we need the rent money in order to star works on the new building of Faculty of Economy’’, said Avdispahić

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