Jović is optimistic about the spring part of the season for FK ”Sarajevo”

The preparations of FK ‘‘Sarajevo’’ have begun with a meeting of all football players at the stadium ”Asim Ferhatović Hase” in Sarajevo. The coach, Dragan Jović invited 25 players, out of which 24 came to the first training session and meeting. Ivan Tatomirović was excused from the meeting but he will join the players soon.

Jović presented the new player of FK ”Sarajevo” Amer Osmanagić, who previously played for FK ”Velež”. The coach of this team said that the team will stay in Sarajevo till the 28th of January, when they will go to Međugorje. After Međugorje, the teams will go to Opatija, where they will stay until the 20th of February. Jović also commented the recent very turbulent period when several football players transferred to other teams.

“Many players transferred to other teams, but we made an effort to bring as many good players to the team. One of them is Osmanagić who can replace Husejinović. I know Osmanagić since the time when he played for ”Velež” and I believe that he will work hard and play good for the team. Besides that, we also have contacted four or five more players and I claim that we will be in better shape in the spring that we were previous autumn.”- said Jović.


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