Schwarz-Schilling: Both “Non-Papers” are a Continuation of the Nationalist Policies of Serbia and Croatia

Former High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Christian Schwarz-Schilling, explained in detail his position on Slovenia’s “non-paper” and unofficial plan for the division of BiH, pointing out that the European Union (EU) must take a clear and decisive stance against such scenarios.

At the beginning of his text for Deutsche Welle, he said that while BiH is fighting a pandemic and its own politicians, few documents, the so-called “non-papers” about BiH, went to Brussels, and their goal, as he noted, is to “test the possibility of accepting such political proposals “.

Peaceful separation in BiH

A few days ago, a member of the BiH Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, went public with the information that Slovenian President Borut Pahor, during his visit to Sarajevo on March 5th, asked the three-member presidency “Is a peaceful dissolution of BiH possible?”, adding that there are more and more votes in the EU calling for completion of the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

Schwarz-Schilling is wondering why Komsic is only now coming out with this information publicly and concludes that the reason for that is probably Slovenian “non-paper”.

“This ‘non-paper’ entitled ‘Western Balkans – the way forward’ is anything but the meaning from the title. It is primarily a continuation of the nationalist policy of Serbia and the Croatian ruling HDZ party towards BiH. According to some information, part of the mentioned document was written even in Budapest, but in Brussels, it is called the ‘Slovenian paper’,” told the former High Representative in BiH.

The document also mentions a “quiet procedure” with decision-makers in our region and the international community, about whether a plan can be implemented to redraw the borders and create a Greater Serbia, a Greater Croatia, and a Greater Albania.

“What is frightening is that parts of the international community are obviously already active in such a ‘silent process.’ Is it completely forgotten that there have been terrible wars in BiH exactly because of plans to divide this country?” Schwarz-Schilling commented.

The Croatian “non-paper”

Speaking about the “non-paper” sent to Brussels by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia, Gordan Grlic Radman, by which Croatia allegedly wants to help BiH on its path to the EU, Schwarz-Schilling thinks that by doing so, the Croatian ruling HDZ party is supporting its sister party’s efforts HDZ BiH to change the Election Law in BiH in such a way that the blockade of the state of BiH can be maintained, and at the same time to keep constant control and influence of Croatia on decision-making in BiH.”

He emphasized that this “opens the way for the third entity and ultimately its annexation to Croatia,” but that this is not recognized in the Croatian “non-paper” at first glance, Klix.ba writes.


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