SDA and HDZ parties to discuss the possible Coalition in Zenica Doboj Canton

Cantonal Committee of Part of Democratic Action (SDA) of Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDC) will begin meetings on forming the government with the political parties that have won mandates in the Assembly, starting with HDZ BiH.

Today, at 10 o’clock talks will be held with representatives of HDZ BiH, who won three seats in the Assembly of ZDC.

“As the winner of the General Elections with 11 seats in the Assembly of ZDC, SDA will continue talks on forming the coalition and the assembly majority with other political parties during the upcoming week,” was stated from SDA ZDK.

Together, SDA and HDZ would have 14 seats in the Assembly of ZDC.

SBB Party will have three MPs in the Assembly of ZDC, and from this party, it is confirmed that SDA does not want to negotiate coalition.

On the other hand, a joint conference of the Social Democratic Party, Nasa Stranka and Democratic Front was held, and it was agreed that parties will have a joint participation in the ZDC Assembly. These three parties together have ten mandates and they plan talks with NB, SBB and other parties to secure the majority in the Assembly of ZDC.

All parties emphasized that they did not want a mathematical, but program-based coalition.

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