Seminar for Representatives of Municipality Bratunac

The Nansen Dialogue Center Sarajevo (NDC Sarajevo) is organizing a basic course for a second group of 16 representatives from municipality Bratunac entitled “Inter-ethnic Cooperation and Joint Activities in the Area of Municipality Bratunac” from 8-10 March.

This seminar represents one of the initial activities in the framework of the project “Networking for Inter-ethnic reconciliation and Integration of Local Communities in Srebrenica and Bratunac”, which the NDC Sarajevo is implementing with the financial support of the government of Great Britain.

The goal of the seminar is the formation of a group of 32 representatives from Bratunac and other local communities from other part of the municipality, belonging to Bosniak and Serb nationalities that would jointly plan inter-ethnic activities, and subsequently realize them in the next period in Bratunac, announced the Nansen Dialogue Center in Sarajevo.

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