Semira Hoffman is helping the vulnerable ones and children in B&H for years

semira2Great humanitarian Semira Hoffmann, who is called by B&H citizens “fairy godmother from America” is a nurse from Prijedor who has been living in Florida for years. With a strong desire and a big heart, she decided to devote her life to those who need help the most – children and the elderly, and she never forgot her country and fellow citizens.

It was not easy to go from your country and leave everything and move to a different continent. However, she noted that the life paths are strange and that everything happens for a reason. She managed to adapt quickly and she started helping our people who came there. Then, she went a step further in her humanity. With time, she opened homes for children and adults with developmental disabilities in Florida, a day care center and clinic for early intervention in the treatment of autism.

Three years ago, she started realizing her humanitarian work in B&H through the foundation “Zajednicki put (Joint path)”. The foundation was established with the aim to improve social and economic conditions of children and youth, especially those with special physical, economic or other needs. The foundation is working on building and encouraging a dynamic and tolerant society that will provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Hoffman helped in the opening of the center for the treatment of autism in the RS as well. This is an organization from Banja Luka “Djeca svjetlosti (Children of Light)” to which Hoffmann donated more than 10,000 USD worth equipment, and she expressed her commitment to help that category. She noted that more attention has been given to these children recently, but it is not even nearly enough.

Besides all her business obligations and humanitarian activities, Hoffmann manages to find time for her friends and family, and she is visiting B&H twice a year. She often finds time to go out for coffee with her family in the United States, and to respond to a numerous messages she receives on social networks.

“Hatred is not a solution because all the children cry the same and they feel hunger the same. We are a wonderful people, special in our own way, and we should never forget that,” said Hoffman.

(Source: klix.ba)

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