Serb from Banja Luka has kept Quran for 27 Years and returned it to Muslims

A Serb of Banja Luka returned Quran to jamaat (gathering of Muslims) in Banja Luka, to the Vrbnjaska mosque.

He found the Quran after the demolition of the Vrbanja mosque in 1993 and has kept it ever since.

The man, who did not want to reveal the name, has kept the Quran for 27 years and returned it to Admir Cavka, who also lives in Vrbanja.

“Through a series of circumstances, this book came into the hands of the Banja Luka resident who kept it in his home all these years. This is also the only written clue that survived the demolition of the mosque in 1993,” Cavka told Avaz newspapers.

Because of this, the preserved Quran has crucial value for the Vrbanja Jamaat, and for all those who believe in good deeds.

“We could not get a better gift on the occasion of Kurban Bajram. In every evil time there are those who think differently. I am honored that Quran has been returned to my hands,” said Cavka.

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