Session of the House of Representatives cancelled, Serbs boycotted Session

Today's 23rd session of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina was canceled due to the absence of politicians from the Republika Srpska entity, who decided to boycott the work of BiH institutions due to the adoption of the Law on Genocide Denial.

This information was confirmed to the media by Predrag Kojovic (Our Party), who addressed them after the extended session of the Collegium that preceded it.

"The extended session of the Collegium of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly has just ended and a decision has been made to cancel today's session. A new one will be scheduled for the beginning of the ninth month. The BiH Constitution provides for such situations if the majority is present, I emphasize this because the decision of the Collegium is of a political rather than a business nature in order to give time to overcome the crises caused by the RS parties, "Kojovic said, Klix.ba writes.

After the meeting of the presidents of the parliamentary parties based in Republika Srpska (RS) on the occasion of Valentin Inzko’s decision to impose an amendment to the Law on Banand Punishment of Genocide Denial, five conclusions were reached, including the boycott of Serb representatives in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).
President of the National Assembly of RS, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, noted that yesterday’s meeting was a consequence of a very complex situation after Inzko’s decision to ban genocide denial.

“Today we had a meeting in full convocation of the presidents of all parliamentary parties from RS and we had a very constructive discussion. Issues were observed from all angles,” he explained yesterday.

• RS political representatives reject the imposed decision of the High Representative and consider him unacceptable and void.• They think that there are no conditions for the work of Serbrepresentatives in the institutions such as the Presidency of BiH, the Parliamentary Assembly, as well as the Council of Ministers of BiH.• They reject any imposition at the level of BiH and as far as they are concerned, there is no legal High Representative because he was not elected in accordance with the procedures and they reject cooperation with him.• Other activities that will be implemented in the followingperiod were also discussed at the meeting.• Two laws on this topic will be sent through the parliamentary clubs, and they are criminal laws.

It was pointed out that the Serbian representatives will not withdraw from the BiH institutions, but will not act for now since they believe that they do not have the conditions for that.

At the press conference, the political representatives emphasized that the meeting was specific and correct and that a unified position was reached on this issue, and that means that everyone put party interests aside, Klix.ba writes.

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