Seven Million BAM allocated for Limousines for Politicians in BiH this Year

In Bosnia and Herzegovina alone this year, about seven million marks were spent on limousines for politicians, while about twelve million marks were allocated from the budget for all types of vehicles.

The most expensive vehicle this year was bought by Elektroprivreda HZHB, whose value without VAT was 133 thousand marks.

For limousines, obviously, money is never lacking. Despite the pandemic, the cost of limousines this year is again as high as it was years ago, before the pandemic.

Three times more money is spent on politicians’ limousines than on fire trucks and ambulances.

Research shows that politicians in BiH do not skimp when it comes to buying limousines. The fleet of politicians is adorned with expensive cars.

According to BIRN research, in the past three years alone, politicians have set aside around 36 million BAM for the purchase of limousines.

The problem of buying limousines is the procurement process itself, which indicates corrupt actions, the interlocutors explain.

Denis Dzidic, Director of BIRN BiH, says that in tenders that are quite open, that in the end you only have one bid or only two which really indicates that a large number of bidders have now entered into these some corrupt practices.

“You have literally territorially distributed suppliers who deliver vehicles to whom, and that always the same suppliers supply for institutions in Banja Luka, the same for institutions in Mostar, the same for institutions in Sarajevo, where it is obvious that there is a certain type of agreement between the bidders, given that, on average, all tenders receive one to two bids, BHRT writes.

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