Several Border Crossings to be built by 2019?

granicaIn the plan for the period 2017-2019, the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH foresees construction of several border crossings if it gets necessary funds for these capital investments through its budgets, stated the Administration of this institution.

When it comes to border crossings with Republic of Serbia, they announce construction of the border crossing Bratunac, which will cost around 12 million BAM. Construction of the border crossing Uvac is planned in the same period and it takes 500.000 BAM for its construction.

Head of the Department of Communications and International Cooperation in the ITA BiH Ratko Kovačević said that they also plan to build the border crossing Vardište with Serbia and facilities at the airports in Tuzla and MOstar worth 5.5 million BAM. This project will be financed with the funds from budgets of BiH institutions and international liabilities of BiH in stages: 500.000 BAM in 2016, 3 million BAM in 2017 and 2.5 million BAM in 2018.

When it comes to border crossings with Republic of Croatia, they plan to build border crossing Užljebić worth 700.000 BAM. ITA BiH also intends to spend 300.000 on the border crossing Čepikuće and 200.000 BAM for the border crossing Orahov do.

According to Kovačević, several border crossings should also be built on the border with Montenegro – border crossing Hum worth 1.2 million BAM and border crossing Deleuša worth 500.000 BAM.

Kovačević emphasizes that the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH is responsible for maintenance of border crossings and currently in progress is the recruitment of employees for the newly formed Department of maintenance and management of the facilities of ITA BiH, where more than 40 people are expected to work.

Speaking of national symbols on border crossings of international character, Kovačević added that all symbols of the state of BiH must be displayed at all border crossings.

Spokeswoman of the Border Police of BiH Sanela Dujković stated that the Council of Ministers of BiH tasked all BiH institutions to implement measures aimed at eliminating the deficiencies regarding the display of flags of BIH on institutions, border crossings and diplomatic-consular offices.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has 83 border crossings, 55 of which are international and 28 are for border traffic only. Four international airports in BiH – Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar and Banja Luka – are also international border crossings.


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