Sheep Breeders from Sweden interested in Cooperation with Farmers from Bugojno

5483e331a9bace540b3a2478fc014e25_xlA group of farmers from Sweden are staying in Bugojno and their host is the Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders from that town.

Due to exchange of experiences in sheep breeding and discussion of opportunities for the improvement of cooperation, the visit was initiated by representatives of the factory for fur production “Donnia Trade”, which has been present in BIH for 14 years.

“My brother and I came up with the idea to organize this meeting of Swedish and Bugojno farmers. The guests are actually our customers, who have sheep in Sweden, and whose skin we process here in Bugojno,” said the daughter of the owner of the company “Donnia Trade” Katarina Ugrinovska.

The idea is to import a certain number of sheep from Sweden and, if it turns out that the conditions are good for them, to introduce to this municipality a new breed that offers enormous potentials in the production of fur and the development of meat industry.

This idea was approved by the Swedish farmers, who expressed interest in continuation of activities in this plan.

“We have seen many interesting things and we all learned something. I hope that the farmers from Bugojno will visit Sweden as well,” said Krister Nilsson.


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