Short Interview with Ambassador Hellbach

hellbackAmbassador of Germany to B&H Christian Hellbach spoke about what citizens of B&H can expect in 2016, emphasizing that there is hope for B&H.

“I have no doubt that state in B&H can be changed for the better. Why not in B&H, when it is possible anywhere else? I met this country and its people and I am convinced that B&H has a lot of unused potentials. First of all I refer to the people,” said Hellbach.

“If the incentives are right, if people know they will be fairly compensated for their work and that their children will have equal opportunities, then the people are willing to give their contribution. After all, we saw that despite all the pessimism and all resistances in 2015, a difference can be made,” he said.

“Finally there is a concrete and detailed reform agenda,” he added, “and the state and entity governments are working together to align implementation plans.”

“The first reform measures have been adopted. People who know this country better and longer than me, told me that more things happened in 2015, than in the previous 4 or 5 years,” he said.

“I know politicians who are working on it! But the citizens have to want it too, to believe in a better future for themselves and to do something about it. You have to start from yourself in 2016, first you as citizens of B&H, be responsible, do not surrender to the resignation, fears and prejudices. Think of this: you have to make it by yourself, but you have good friends on your side. We will continue to engage for European B&H,” concluded Ambassador of Germany to B&H.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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