How much Money do Political Parties in B&H spend?

money (1)According to the data of the Central Election Commission of B&H, the total annual financial operations of 90 out of the 127 political entities (37 have not submitted the reports) in 2013, amounted to over 12 million EUR.

Sane as in Croatia, political parties in B&H have realized most of the funds from the budget – nearly 9.5 million EUR, which is accounting for 77.1 % of total revenues.

Also, party revenues collected from donations are also very important to the parties in B&H. So parties in B&H in 2013, through contributions of physical persons, collected amount that is greater than 2 million BAM. They collected about 750,000 EUR from membership fees, and from legal subjects (firms and companies) they received almost 350,000 EUR.

By the draft budget for 2016, the Government of the FB&H is planning to increase the funding of political parties and coalitions in the next year, with slightly more than one and half million EUR.

(Source: balkans.aljazeera.net)

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