Signed Contracts: Renovation of the Road Section of M17.3 Neum – Stolac begins

The contracts for implementing works on the highway M17.3 Neum – Stolac, at the road section of Stari Neum – Brocanac, were signed yesterday in the premises of the Public Utility (PU) Roads of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) d.o.o. Sarajevo.

The road section is divided into two lots for which the following contracts were signed yesterday for:

LOT 1: Asphalting of the road section Stari Neum – Babin Do (L = 5.3 km), construction of the road Babin Do – Ostrovac (L = 1.7 km) and construction of the tunnel Ostrovac (L = 190 m). The contractor is “Integral Inzinjering a.d. Laktasi”. The value of the works is 6.027.207,03 BAM.

LOT 2: Construction of the road at the road section Ostrovac – Brocanac (L = 5 km). Construction works of the road route is performed at this section. The contractor is “JV HP Investing d.o.o. Mostar” and “Putovi d.o.o. Grude”.   The value of the works is 5.924.253,83 BAM.

“The signing of the contract was attended by the Federal Minister of Transport and Communications, as well as representatives of investors and contractors. Contracts will be financed from the credit funds of the World Bank (WB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) funds, so this is how the Road Modernization Program in FBiH officially begins. The planned start of the works is February 2018, while the total value of the works on this road section is 11.9 million BAM, “ as it was stated by the company ‘Roads of FBiH’.


(Source: faktor.ba)

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