Significant Decrease of Air Pollution in Sarajevo!


By measuring the concentrations of pollutants in the air in the Sarajevo Canton area in the last two days, a significant decrease in the concentrations of particulate matter in the air was observed.

The measured daily average values of this pollutant for yesterday at all stations were below the prescribed limit value (50µg / m3), except at Ilijas station.

By 11:00 o’clock this morning, the average daily values were: City Hall 50, Otoka 58, Ilidza 53 and Ilijas 80 µg / m3, the Protocol and Press Office of Canton Sarajevo reported.

According to the weather forecast of the Federal Meteorological Institute, cloudy weather is expected in the coming days, with a possible fog or low cloudiness in the basins, with light winds blowing.

The “standby” episode for all zones except for Ilias is cancelled, in which the average daily values of particulate matter in the air are still above the prescribed limit for this pollutant.

The Public Health Institute of the Canton Sarajevo recommends that at-risk groups of the population in the Ilijas municipality – pregnant women, the elderly, chronic patients with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases – reduce movement and stay outside, especially in the morning and evening.



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