Signing Protocol on Establishing Joint Contact Center At Border Crossing Bijača-Nova Sela

At the headquarters of the office of the South Border Police BiH a protocol will be signed tomorrow between the BiH border police and the Border Police Directorate of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MUP) on the establishment of a joint contact center at the border crossing Bijača (BiH)-Nova Sela (Croatia).

The Director of the BiH Border Police Vinko Dumančić and the Director of the Croatian Police Directorate Vlado Dominić will sign the protocol on the basis of the agreement between the BiH and Croatian Council of Ministers on cooperation in border control from March 2007.

The contact center is being established with the goal of analyzing and exchanging vital information relevant for a coherent and effective cross-border police cooperation in the implementation of state borders, combatting illegal migration, cross-border crime, ensure public order, assist in implementation of the agreement between the Council of Ministers of BiH and Croatia on the transfer and acceptance of persons whose entry or stay is illegal, as well as other areas of cooperation. 

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