Sinkro: For each product bought, Customers will get One Dita Product

Sinkro furniture

Furniture factory Sinkro from Sarajevo has seen excellent business results in B&H and abroad in the previous years, and continues with a trend of production increase and opening new workplaces.

Besides its business operations, Sinkro also works a lot on humanitarian actions and as a socially responsible company, in the accordance with its possibilities, supports various humanitarian, sport and other manifestations, and provides help for those who need it the most.

This is confirmed by the last action that took place over several days in Sinkro salons in Hrasnica and Wilson’s promenade, where customers got one Dita product with each product bought from Sinkro.

“Domestic products are slowly, but surely returning the confidence of BH citizens. We are happy that we can help hardworking employees that launched the production by themselves, and we are especially happy that all of B&H has become united in such project, with this modest contribution to the workers of Dita, we are strengthening the domestic production and our country”, as said in the company Sinkro.


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