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Sophico-a Solution for managing a Sports club

sophico companySophico is an example of a successful first-generation SPARK startup that has grown into a company. It is the web and mobile platform that represents a simplified solution for managing a sports club. It was born on the basis of the long-standing sports experience of a team member who, as a player and a basketball coach, faced numerous problems with the club activities organisation.

Present and Future of Sports Management

Sophico offers a solution in terms of better results and player progress tracking, saving time, tracking and reducing costs, achieving better efficiency, and actively involving parents in the sports life of a child. With this, all statistics are centralised, enabling their simpler analysis and comparison. What is important to emphasise is that one of Sophico’s main goals is managing sports data.

Key to Success: a Good Team

The team behind this startup is made up of six young and ambitious people: Mario Filipović (Founder/Lead Developer), Zvonimir Bukovac (Developer/QA Engineer), Stanko Ćosić (Sales), Marijana Planinić (Software Developer), Franjo Erić (Software Developer), Jelena Golemac (Software Developer) and Martina Filipović (Marketing).

Sophico as a startup at SPARK had the opportunity to take part in numerous free lectures and workshops by eminent domestic and foreign experts where they gained skills needed to achieve success and enter the world of entrepreneurship. From the beginnings of the startup development, they achieved remarkable results such as participation in ABC Acceleration Program (Slovenia) and they took the victory at the first Demo Day at SPARK.

On the occasion of launching company, Miss Martina Filipovic, Marketing Manager at Sophico, expressed her satisfaction: “We are extremely proud that our product is recognised as needed in the sports market. We work every day to introduce Sophico to new potential customers as well as to develop new modules that will further facilitate the work of a sports club”.

Sophico’s potential is also recognised by NSoft, which, together with the accelerator partners SPARK business park and ABC accelerator, provides the necessary support.

Contact and all the information on this smart, multilingual sports platform can be found on their website or on one of the social networks Facebook or Twitter.


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