Sorensen: I believe that BiH leaders will, by the end of March, implement the Sejdić-Finci ruling

Head of the EU Delegation in BiH and Special Representative of the EU in BiH Peter Sorensen said today, during his visit to Pale, that he believes that BiH political leaders which committed themselves to implementing the Sejdić-Finci ruling in Brussels, will indeed finish the work by the end of March.

In last few days, bilateral meetings of representatives of BiH parliamentary parties and the EU Delegations were held, but Sorensen emphasized that the EU will not do the job that BiH politicians must do.

He also noted that the EU has no plan which will be presented to BiH parties, but it will offer its help in organising series of talks in order to reach the consensus, which is something that BiH politicians must do.

”It is clear that discrimination that European Court found must be eliminated’’, said Sorensen and added that it is possible to do that and, as usual, he is an optimist.

He noted that the EU called BiH to join it, but it will happen only when BiH does what it needs to do.

”I believe that by 2014, we’ll have the election according to the EU standards. It is work assumption and we have no other assumption”, said Sorensen.

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