Sorensen Presents the Report of the European Commission to Institutions of B&H and FB&H Today

sorensenThe Chief of the EU Delegation to B&H Peter Sorensen will present today to the institutions of B&H and Federation B&H the Report of the European Commission on the Progress of B&H for 2013.

The announcement of the EU Delegation stated that the EU Special Representative Sorensen will deliver the report to the Chairman of B&H Council of Ministers, Vjekoslav Bevanda, to the Prime Minister of FB&H, Nermin Nikšić and to the President of FB&H Živko Budimir.

Sorensen will deliver the report to Bevanda, at 10:00, to Nikšić, at 14:00 and to Budimir at  15:00.

The Deputy Chief of the EU Delegation, Renzo Daviddi will have a press conference at 14:00, on the occasion of the official handing of the Report to authorities of B&H and FB&H and at 16:00 will present the conclusions of this report to the members of two Houses of the Parliamentary Assemblies of B&H.

Subsequently the notice of the Report presentation to the institutions of RS and district Brčko will b published, which is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, 23rd and 24th October.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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