Spalletti: Džeko is flawless, he only needs Time to “start working”!

Spalletti about DžekoCoach of Roma Luciano Spalletti spoke for Italian media about upcoming derby of the 21st round of the Serie A which is to be played today, starting from 8:45 p.m., in Torino between Roma and Juventus.

“Juventus was quite good this season, but we have to get out on the field believing that we will win. Juventus is in great shape and we must play an excellent match,” Spalletti said, commenting on the shape of Edin Džeko.

“Džeko is an amazing footballer, he is flawless. His technique is good, he is fast, and his head play is good. He has the quality to be our ‘nine’, he only needs time to start working,” Spalletti stated, saying that he intends to form a new striking duo.

“Francesco Totti has been severely injured and, considering his age, the recovery is thereby more difficult. Now he is ready to play and I am thinking of him playing together with Džeko, leading the attack,” Spalletti said.


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