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The Sparkreators League: Third Online Round finished

The SPARKreators League is a robotics competition aimed at strengthening IT and technical culture in elementary schools across Bosnia and Herzegovina. We started the league in 2016/2017 school year when we donated mBot educational robots to primary schools in BiH and taught teachers to work with them. Through two rounds we rewarded the most active and best schools of the last year. The league is continued in 2017/2018 school year. In this school year, primary schools will have the opportunity to take part in the five-round league.

Currently, the third round was completed, and the teachers evaluated the students on the basis of the assignments and placed video footage of the best work done on the Vimeo platform. After each school delivers scores and recordings, SPARK school team will form a ranking list by regions. We are extremely grateful to the teachers who participate in the league and thus encourage children to work with programming and robotics.

(Source: spark)

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