The Special Nature Reserve of Bentbasa to become a Protected Area

The Assembly of Canton Sarajevo adopted the Law on the Proclamation of the Protected Landscape of Bentbasa, as well as the Law on Establishment of the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Areas.

Bentbasa is the old part of Sarajevo, which was often mentioned in Sevdalinka songs. It is located along Miljacka River and it is very rich in rare species of plants, and considered as an endemic center.

In the Expert Explanation was stated that the area of Bentbasa contains a high degree of biological, geomorphological and hydrological diversities, as well as numerous cultural and historical values. For example, 70 different habitat types were recorded, and a very high rate of endemic plants was recorded as well.

“Due to the high level of endemicity of species, this area is one of the richest on the territory of the Dinarides in BiH. Also, the area of Bentbasa is characterized by geomorphological diversity, including the Valley of Miljacka River, the Toplik cave and the cave under the Sehova korija, the rocks and plateau of Jekovac with cave, the Babin zub and steep slopes of typical karst beneath the White Fortress, Orlovo krilo, part of the mouth and valley of Moscanica River etc. Moreover, this area contains numerous hydrological diversities, including the Valley of Miljacka and Moscanica, Abu Hajat springs near Sehova korija etc. Cultural and historical values include Kozija cuprija and Sehova Korija,” as stated in the explanation of the decision.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection got the approval by the Municipal Council of Stari Grad for the establishment of the Protection of Bentbasa, which was a compulsory provision of the Law on Nature Protection, considering that the protection measures were in accordance with the protection measures related to cultural and historical values that are protected by the decisions of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of BiH.

This area will be managed by the PUC for Protected Natural Areas of CS, and a total of 85,000 BAM is already allocated for this purpose. In the next year, two supervisors/guardians of nature and one maintenance worker will be hired on the period of 12 months. In 2019, the Institution is planning to keep the above-mentioned two supervisors/guardians of nature and one maintenance worker during the 12 months of the previous year and two workers for four months during the tourist season.

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