Construction of Six Villas of Buroj Ozone finally started?

Works in Buroj Ozone in the area of Prečko Polje in the municipality of Trnovo, which will be the largest tourist complex in Southeast Europe, started a year after laying the foundation stone. The first machines of the company Orman from Kiseljak visited the construction site, with the investor Ismail Ahmed, owner of Buroj International Group.

As announced from Buroj, works on the construction of six villas are taking place, and this represents the first phase of the works. They will announce a tender for the construction of hotels, other villas, and cafés in the next few days. The road for the machines to get to the construction site was prepared as well.

Ahmed came to BiH last week, and he stated earlier that the project was not stopped and that everything is under control.

As he stated, they had the problem with administrative issues and waited for the required paperwork for a long time.

According to announcements, Buroj Ozone will be the largest tourist city in South East Europe, and its furnishing will be conducted at the highest world standards.

This small tourist town should also have a cable car that will connect Buroj and Bjelasnica Mountain. Also, an international hospital, a shopping center, 300 villas, four hotels, restaurants, fountains, children’s playgrounds and ski parks are planned as part of this tourist town, and the end of the construction works is expected in 2020.

The price for villas and houses in Buroj Ozone will be from 2,300 BAM per square meter. The size of the villa will vary from 1.527 to 2.288 square meters.

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