Stable Supply of Domestic Market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Priority


The companies within the STUDEN Group at the Brcko Agroindustrial Complex, the BIMAL oil production plant, the STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery and MINGOS-COFFEE coffee production, are actively working to ensure the continuous production and stable supply of all their partners.

Although the proclamation of the coronavirus pandemic has significantly hampered the flow of supplies and deliveries of raw materials, production in Brcko is operating steadily and supplies to regular customers and partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina are ongoing.

“The safe delivery of raw materials in the current situation does not depend on the manufacturer, but our business group has taken all measures to ensure that these deliveries, which are a prerequisite for the production of edible oil, sugar and coffee, run smoothly and that the production in factories operate without interruption. There is a risk of border closure, and we urge all authorities to ensure that raw materials from surrounding countries continue to be delivered to their partners, manufacturers in BiH, ”said Natasa Pucar, Director of Corporate Communications of the STUDEN Group.

Domestic BIMAL is the only domestic producer of edible oil in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery is the only sugar refinery in the country.


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