Bosnian Border Police Member arrested for allowing illegal Crossing of Border


Police officers of the Bosnian Border Police Central Bureau of Investigation arrested a Border Police officer on suspicion of allowing persons coming from countries who were banned from entering BiH because of a coronovirus.

Specifically, there are grounds for suspicion that the said police officer, on March 15th this year, allowed illegal entry into BiH for three persons who came from the area that was banned from entering BiH due to coronovirus.

They should have been issued a decision refusing entry to BiH or should have been placed in self-isolation with a previous decision issued by the competent authority.  However, for a certain amount of money, the border police officer directly threatened the public health of a large number of citizens by releasing the same persons uncontrollably into the territory of BiH.

The mentioned persons were found, located and isolated in an efficient operational action by the BiH Border Police and Brcko District police officers, which prevented the greater consequences of these illegal activities.

In addition to the search of a suspected Border Police officer in BiH, the search of official premises at the Brcko International Border Crossing, which was used by a suspected police officer, was also searched.

Border Police Director Zoran Galic said it is shameful and devastating, especially at times like these, to have irresponsible and unprofessional individuals who knowingly make catastrophic failures.He added that such behavior was unacceptable, especially at a time when the entire country was facing major challenges from the covid-19 virus and the migrant crisis.



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