Stained glass exhibition “Light trapped in glass” by Ognjen Levi

“Light trapped in glass” is the title of the stained glass exhibition by Ognjen Levi that was opened at the ”Gallery ’96” in Prijedor. The director of the ”Gallery ’96”, Tihomir Ilijašević said that this is this years’ first exhibition of the gallery as well as the first stained glass exhibition in Prijedor. He invited all citizens of Prijedor to visit the exhibition during the next month and testify the great talent in one of the most difficult art techniques. The director also added that stained glass has not changed a lot in technical as well as in thematic sense.

The author of this stained glass exhibition, Ognjen Levi said that he lived in Italy for thirty years, where he looked at stained glass on the Cathedrals but also on buildings that were build in the period of art-déco. After he carefully studied the patterns of the stained glass he saw in Italy, he decided to finish the famous school of stained glass “Studio Sante e Diego Pizzol”, where he specialized in lead and tiffany technique. Levi researched other techniques such as fusion, making tiffany lamps and the Scandinavian technique of restoration of old stained glass. He also finished the UNESCO school of restoration of monuments, so he is the only B&H restaurateur of stained glass.

He had his first individual exhibition last year in Derventa, and his first mutual exhibition was held in 1999 in Sarajevo.


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